.APP domains offer a restricted namespace for app developers. As a fairly new domain space, short, relevant names and keywords are more likely to be available, giving app creators the unique opportunity to claim a high-quality URL. Why choose a .APP domain extension? Mobile app companies: Recruit new talent, share Read More

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Physicians, hospitals, pharmacies, and more have a new online home with .HEALTH. Connect with clients in a namespace that people will understand and trust. Whether you’re providing tips for a healthier lifestyle or are actively promoting your services, .HEALTH is the domain name for you. Why choose a .HEALTH domain Read More

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The .SPACE domain lets innovators and creative minds create their own unique corner of the web. Perfect for freelancers, writers, designers, and more, the open-ended domain allows users to create a web environment unique to their interests. In a more literal sense, .SPACE can also be used by aerospace companies Read More

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“desi” relates to the people of the Indian sub-continent and its global diaspora, through a common connection based on geography, culture, values, and beliefs. As such, it is a cultural gTLD; it is a lifestyle gTLD; it is a generic gTLD; it is a geographic gTLD. Why .desi? Over 1.7B Read More

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.COOL domains make it easy to brand your blog or website as cool, interesting online destination. It’s great for businesses or individuals, and allows you to create unique, memorable, and recognizable domain that will stand out from the crowd. Why choose a .COOL domain extension? The word “cool” represents different Read More

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How will you use your .CONSULTING domain name? Businesses Businesses that end in “consulting” can save space in their URL with a .CONSULTING extension. Individuals Explain your consulting business and bring in new clients with a .CONSULTING website. Recruiters Those who focus on filling consulting roles, bring in the right Read More

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College is more than late nights, coffee, and steady diet of ramen. Universities and businesses that cater to students have a unique opportunity to appeal to this group with a .COLLEGE domain. Why choose a .COLLEGE domain extension? Universities can use .COLLEGE to create a web space just for higher Read More

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The possibilities are endless for .CITY domain name registrations. City governments or chambers of commerce could use a .CITY to create sites for city events and gatherings, or businesses could use .CITY to localize their marketing efforts. Why choose a .CITY domain extension? Many businesses use “City” as part of Read More

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It can often be difficult to find a quality domain name with some of the long-standing extensions like .COM and .NET. If your business or organization’s name ends with “Center,” you can skip the difficult searches and unnecessary extra letters, and create a memorable online destination with .CENTER. Why choose Read More

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.CASH is a New Domain that presents a relevant, targeted keyword for any website that focuses on money and finances. It could be used for cash advance businesses, exchange rate converters, financial blogs, and more. Why choose a .CASH domain extension? Banks, brokers, analysts, advisors, and financial writers are among Read More

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Whether you’re a business or simply a photography enthusiast, .CAMERA provides a great namespace for your online presence. Why choose a .CAMERA domain extension? Professional photographers, photography equipment stores, and print shops can provide instant branding with .CAMERA Maybe you just want to provide a place for your digital photo Read More

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The word “business” is used in many contexts, and there are infinite possibilities for .BUSINESS domain names. .BUSINESS is perfect for consultants, business schools, business writers, financial analysts, and more. Why choose a .BUSINESS domain extension? Anyone who sees a .BUSINESS domain name will immediately know that the website they’re Read More

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